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To avoid burnout, surround yourself with your birth flower, the morning glory. This flower provides clarity for the Virgo mind and encourages you to have a little fun. Morning glories can be found in the wild, like the nature of the Virgo. They might be all around you, so open your eyes the next time you find yourself surrounded by nature, and you just might spot a field of these relaxing buds.

Libras are ruled by Venus , the planet of love and beauty, and this can certainly be observed in their personality. Your birth flower represents your affinity for all-things-aesthetically-pleasing- the rose. Roses are a romantic, gorgeous flower with an aroma that is divine. It is hard to ignore the magnetic presence of this ancient flower. The rose will encourage you to see even more beauty in the world, softening your heart to the love around you.

Scorpios are deeply mysterious and represented by the chrysanthemum. This flower, like the Scorpio, can take a long time to reveal its beauty- one must possess patience in order to revel in its visual presence. Try placing this flower in your home and watching it bloom to feel the blooming energies rise up in your own being.

Friendly and optimistic, Sagittarians are represented by the narcissus. Narcissus was a hunter in mythology who was known for his good looks, even by himself. You can sometimes use a boost of confidence, Sag, and this flower will remind you of why you deserve to display such confidence. Place narcissus next to your bedside and focus on its beauty, as well as your own, throughout the day.

Capricorns are grounded, earthy and stable. Your birth flower is the similarly grounded carnation , whose classic form is reminiscent of yours- a beauty that is formed from elegant simplicity. This flower represents your determination and strength, Capricorn, and will encourage you to keep on the path even when the roads get bumpy. As a creative, social being, your spirit is best represented by the eccentric orchid. This flower correlates with your intense uniqueness - no one else is quite like you, and no other flower is quite like the beautiful orchid.

This flower will encourage you to let your freak flag fly, forgetting about any social norms that have been forced upon our culture. This flower lets you fully be yourself. August 4, Celebrity Horoscopes. Get that weight off your shoulders. Speak to a psychic guide NOW! Call one of our agents to help you: Our website uses cookies to improve your experience and provide personalised content.

Virgo Monthly Reading - October 2019

By continuing to use our website you acknowledge and agree to that. You have been patiently waiting for a certain situation that you felt was destined and you feel really passionate about. You have been very cautious on which actions to take because you know it will lead to conflict.

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This channel is to share gift of reiki and tarot with you. I am a psychic empath and sometimes use telepathy to heal people and animals. I do psychic reading. Milagros Tarot 15, views. New · ♑ CAPRICORN THEY PUSHED YOU AWAY AND NOW.

You are going to move forward with your decision and someone will get hurt. When this happens judgement will come and its going to make you feel indecisive as to whether you made the right choice or not. Toward the end of the week you are going to feel amazing and hopeful to what the next month will bring. You have been thinking logically about a situation that you will decide to move forward on doing. The truth is going to come out and clarity will be made and its going to be a success. You are going to make accomplish something to do with your soulmate that will spark communication and a new venture in love.

You are going to have a lot of compassion toward this and you are going to do a lot of communicating this week thats going to fuel your ambition.

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Later in the week you are going to move toward a celebration with people you are close with that you are extremely passionate about. You may have been thinking of starting a new romance with someone who you find to be very blunt in conversations. You feel like you are in control of your own destiny but its making you a little insecure because you are not in control of your love life. So later in the week you are going to give something to this person and while you wait for the result you are going to spend some time alone.

You have been thinking a lot about your love life and because of it you are going to make a very difficult decision which will cause you to wait for results in form of communication, its going to cause tension because you are holding on to them. You feel like you are bound to this person in some way and as you wait for their response you are going to be hit with a lot of anxiety. You have been thinking about your love life in terms of being in a relationship, but a difficult decision will be made that will lead to an ending and will trigger your responsible side as you try to maintain balance from juggling different priorities.

By the end of the week you are going to gain ambition with your new Independence that you are going to feel very compassionate about. This week is likely to kick up a great deal of intensity in you and others, and the worst thing you could do is turn your hurt or anger into vengefulness and resentment. Allow yourself to have all of your feelings without needing to act on them or even vocalize them right away. Sit with your impulses, and make sure that they are operating in accordance with your intentions, my love.

Allow for your evolution to happen in stages that give you room to adjust, my love. Whether you need to quit something or someone, the time has come for you to stop looking outside of yourself for answers and to get more grounded about what you want this month, this quarter, and this year. Your emotions are compelling and personal and a huge part of you being you. That said, when someone else has their own experience, their feelings are equally valid and important. Strive to not take it personally, Moonchild. This week will test your self-esteem, and no amount of pride or ambition will help you this time, Leo.

Look to your actions and the spirit with which they were set in motion. Make use of all the information your senses are pulling in this week, Virgo, so that you can have peace with the choices you make. You alone have to live with your choices, so choose wisely. Strive to be the change you wish to see in your life, and attempt to be the bigger person in your situation. This week is likely to greet you with some upsets that hurt your feels, and it might make you want to resist or fight. Honor your heart without blame this week. Question your autopilot mode, revaluate your options, and make choices that you can live with, Cappy mon Capitan.

Sometimes, the role of upsets and even depressive feels is to inspire you to take your emotions seriously. This week, your feelings are catching up to you, and instead of resisting them, the most efficient move for you is to nurture them. Inactivity, when paired with intention, is action. Within all efforts is the need for repose, the need to pause and regroup, and the need to let things grow on their own. Continue to work hard at what you now have, your future is looking brighter then ever! This week calls for celebration for you are Prospering at this time and moment! If you are worried about the outcome of a situation, expect miracles to happen!

Not only are you seeking this from within yourself, but from another if that is something on your mind. Libra, know that you situation will be handled in a fair way , the universe is nearly finished with the details! This love inside of you is creating something wonderful! You will have victory in this situation, but let matters work out in divine timing. Now is the time to Realize and fully live this truth! Know that all of your goals and dreams will be fulfilled!

What you have learned , now is the time to pass it on. Stand up! Many of you are full of wisdom and are old souls, you will be mentors and teachers to younger people and souls looking for guidance. You are going to speak truthfully about something that has been on your mind, and it has to do with where you put your heart and emotions into. Spirit says to be strong at this time, for you are going thought a Transformation! Go outside and surround yourself with nature , find that inner child and invite them to enjoy the world.

You are going to have the opportunity to put something to rest! This is something from your past life! You feel bound to a romantic situation that gives you strength. This week You will be manifesting for major change and you will be passionately working, to do so. Sometime this week you may be feeling a little insecure about a situation so you will take action towards it. You have many choices to make regarding a certain someone, your achievements, and your burdens.

This week brand new clarity will have you making a choice that will allow you to move forward. Sometime this week you are going to find the middle path with someone who walked from you in the past and you are going to be looking at the long term view. You may have been acting sneaky and feeling a little insecure around a certain person. This week You have a very difficult decision to make, one that you feel you cant make, but you have the power to do so. You will gain faith in yourself and have the courage and determination to end something and walk away.

You have compassion and joy for a situation that you have been contemplating over. This week a past regret will have you preparing for something that you are excited about. Sometime this week You will be looking forward to some clarity through a collaboration.. You have been holding to someone who makes you feel very happy but this week an ending will result from a romantic situation after brand new clarity comes through. You will begin thinking logically about this sudden change and start looking ahead.

You are feeling balanced after hanging out with loved ones where clarity was made.

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This week a past disappointment has you excited to explore being in control so you will be manifesting this control as you gain a new opportunity. You have been looking at the big picture regarding a soulmate and a new opportunity with them. This week you will be feeling abundant and happy in your love life. Sometime this week a chapter will end and a new one will begin in form of a commitment that you will maintain control of. You have been healing from a situation that has been making you have trouble sleeping as you have been filled with disappointment.

This week a celebration will have you making a choice that is destined to happen. You started something new after having a get together that brought big change into your life. This week you will take action and keep your guard up as someone from your past comes back into your life. You have been thinking about making an exchange with someone regarding a romantic opportunity that you know will change your life.

This week a rebirth of a commitment will have you moving forward, bringing faith between you and someone else. You had a new opportunity where you ended up gaining clarity of a situation which resulted in a falling out with someone. You are going to have the courage and determination to speak to new people and get a new romantic opportunity. You have been thinking about someone from your past and it may have triggered an epiphany. This week you will be taking action that is going to be successful because you referred to your inner guidance.

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This action is something you manifested because you had a falling out with this person, Sometime this week you will collaborate with them. Luckily for this card represents a new situation entering your life. You probably have a pretty enthusiastic outlook towards it and this card urges you to embrace and take that opportunity!

Between this and the Wheel of Fortune, there is probably doubt and fear that you will have the skills to bring the opportunity to fruition. Even if you fail, it will be a wonderful and much needed learning experience for you. Allow yourself to grow. Taurus : Son of Cups - September wants you to take charge of your life again or release your control of others so change is suddenly a focus in your life, whether you want it or not.

Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn

Luckily for you, the change this card usually brings is a positive one. It can indicate anything from a bold new romantic love interest to an exciting road trip to a chance to apply your creative powers. Whatever the change, this card urges you to listen to your feelings about your situation. You know the right path to take and this is an excellent time to put your plans into action.

Gemini : The Lovers, Rx - There is much discontent in your life right now. It could be manifesting within a relationship with another person or originating from deep within yourself. Whatever you truly want seems impossible to connect with. It causes much unhappiness and unrest within you. Not right now, at least. In due time, the answer that will make you happy will present itself.

Everything is excuses and more excuses and self-defeating patterns. You can break out of it now by choosing a path of action to help yourself and sticking to it. The choices you make this week will follow you for a while. Make sure that you look at the bigger picture in this time, as the choices you make will affect you extremely long term. Take advice from others, open your eyes, learn before making the choice.

When you have weighed pros and cons and settled on an idea, you should definitely go ahead with the utmost confidence. If you approach the situation with that attitude, you will most likely win. The problem will be defeated - but only for a short time. No matter how much you wish it were, it is not a long term answer to the problem.

While you do need to remain assertive, also allow yourself to be honest and talk about the problem at hand. Libra : Ace of Wands - The Ace of Wands presents you with a new opportunity, one you are passionate about. It will allow you to use your creative talents and it urges you to just go for it, embrace the opportunity with open arms.

Scorpio : Eight of Pentacles - The Eight of Pentacles represents someone who has worked very, very hard on a certain skill and is beginning to receive the pay off. This card allows for no slacking off. Whatever you want to achieve, it needs your complete attention. However, the projects you find yourself focusing on for the next week will probably be enjoyable and bring you more personal joy.

Sagittarius: The Hermit, Rx - For you, September is a time of emotional renewal, yes, and you are enjoying looking back at memories you hold dear. Remember what I said about not getting too lost in them? With the Hermit reversed, you can easily draw from past experiences to learn and grow and keep yourself from repeating mistakes this week. As advice, it urges you to leave your shell! When reversed, the nine cups are turned upside down and spill their contents away. This card wants you to turn your focus away from the material world and walk down a spiritual path.

Turning away from the material world also means to avoid hoarding and overindulging as these two things may present problems for you.

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Restrain yourself and train your mind. Aquarius : Six of Wands, Rx - September will be about facing your fears and anxieties and dealing with them and Six of Wand reversed is here to remind you and give you advice on how to proceed. There is still work to do if you want to achieve your goals in this case, happiness and mental rest.

Start by figuring out what is upsetting you. Are you afraid of not living up to others expectations? Of losing your job? Reassess your goals based on your new discoveries. Once you have decided what you want to fight for, you will win. Pisces : Mother of Cups, Rx - With September lessening your responsibilities to other people, it is time to turn your attention back to yourself.

You have most likely neglected yourself for a long while and now is the time to give to yourself what you have spent so long giving to others. In order to do this, you need to stop thinking with your heart. Your emotions may send you back into old behaviours, clinginess leading to others once again taking advantage of you. Think with your head.

A conversation that took some reflection after has left you with your guard up. This week after being careful with the heavy burden is going to cause you to walk away. So sometime this week Changes are going to be made ad they will be big changes that will set you on your way to move forward from the situation. You have been manifesting to get out of the funk that you are currently in so change is coming. This week a collaboration will take place regarding a heartbreak or loss and this is destiny at play.

After this happens you will be feeling balanced as you find a middle ground and it will feel like a success and have you looking at the long term view. You have been feeling hopeful about multiple choices that are all under your control. This week You desire for a new beginning in romance with the person of your dreams will have you Taking the cautious route while you contemplate and end up using your intuition to make the choice.

You manifested a choice that was really difficult to make. This week a situation that lead to regret will give you a new opportunity in which you will gain strength and be able to speak your truth for the first time with a soulmate whom you desire. You will take the lead of your life as multiple new opportunities open up for you.

You have been holding on to something that you have a lot of compassion for and very curious about. This week you are going to be cautious because you have two different choices to make one regarding a new opportunity and the other regarding speaking your truth for the first time. You have been holding on to a person that you have gained a new perspective on. This week you desire to take action because you know this will bring you joy.

Sometime this week a disappointment will have you making a choice about your personal life. You have been moving up in life, working hard and being pretty social. This week You have been thinking a person a lot, maybe even dreaming of them but you feel a little insecure in making your decision.

After much contemplation you will end up collaborating with this person and even making some sort of exchange with them. You recently completed a goal and now you are curious about another goal on your list. You know if you act on it you will be happy but at the same time you have your guard up because you dont like making mistakes.

A betrayal that took place has you finding balance again and feeling curious about the situation. This week a new venture with a person whom you may have viewed as your soulmate will take place but you might be acting strategically with them due to being cautious because of the betrayal in the past. Fast action took place where you took the lead in some for of competition. This week you will stay in control as you contemplate your ambitions and desires because a heartbreak will take place that will cause you to work carefully on starting a new beginning or venture.

A recent victory has you feeling good but at the same time you feel as though is missing in your life. This week You will be working carefully with someone and its going to bring really fast change thats going to have you balancing multiple priorities like planning and strategizing which will result in an accomplishment.

While some might be happy about where they are at this time, others cold be feeling conflict about this end game. Aries, this is something for you to go over. Why is it that you are feeling conflicted with this end? Remember that where your intentions and thoughts go , that is what you create in your reality!

Now is the time for you to ask yourself, what makes you happy? Where is it that you want to be? Follow your heart Aries, it will lead you back home. They want to see if you have the ability to whether the storm ,from what you have already built. Spirit is now asking you if where you are, is truly what is meant for you? Even if you cannot see just what is meant for you Taurus, know that it will always be something even greater!

Something you can even being to imagine at this time! Taurus, you are meant for something much greater! Many things will be going on around you, and it will feel as if you cant keep yourself centered. But this is only a trick of the mind, and you can always find a way to keep yourself in the present! Of all the things you have on your list, what would be your top priority? You will need to ask yourself , how important is this task? What are you willing to put in to get it done?