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Its orbit is highly elliptical such that it crosses the path of Neptune and thus qualifies definition of a comet. It is quite obvious that students of astrology would like to understand its repercussion in the field of Astrology. It is quite important to know here that the definition of planet in Astrology is at variance with the definition of the same in Astronomy. According to Astrology the planet is a heavenly body in the universe which casts its effect on the living and non- living objects on earth.

However, according to astronomy any celestial body is called a planet which revolves round the sun and is in a round shape because of its gravitational force. The Astrological interpretation of planet is different from the Astronomical definition. Nodes of the Moon, Sun and Moon have been incorporated as planets in Astrology but they are termed as nodes, star and satellite respectively in Astronomy. Though the Astrology is based on Astronomy but has a divergent view regarding the interpretation and use of the planets. Astrology is least concerned about the new inclusions or exclusions of planets discovered by astronomers because their existence is not new to the Astrology.

Astrology may be swayed only when some new planet is created or an existing one is destroyed. When the Sea became Sweet : On 18th of August in Mumbai, the salinity of water in Mahim Bay was reduced to zero to the utter surprise of people who mistook it as a divine phenomenon and started drinking water of Mahim Bay with devotion and faith. In the laboratory test also, the water was found sweet. Scientifically, it is possible when there is heavy rain and there is low tide in the sea. The rain water inundates the sea by flowing towards it. On that day, the same thing happened.

The Meethi river was flooded with rain High water and there was a low tide in sea because of Moon in the eastern horizon. River water flowed towards the sea in Mahim Bay and was turned sweet for sometime. Astrologically, the time for heavy rain comes, when Mars is in conjunction with Sun in either Cancer or Leo. High tide in the sea takes place when the Moon transits either fourth or tenth house. When at the noon or midnight the Moon and Sun both tenant either fourth or tenth house, they attract water, which makes tide in the sea.

It becomes low when the Moon tenants either first or seventh house. Because of this planetary position, the heavy rain took place and when the Moon was in the first house at midnight a low tide occurred and the river water inundated the Bay making its water sweet. This phenomenon takes place once in many years, but astrologically it can surely be foretold.

From The Desk of Managing Editor Mundane Astrology After discussing the position of planets in 9th and 10th house in our previous issue we shall look forward to 11th and 12th house and the position of planets and their effects. Eleventh House The eleventh house has a special reference to parliament, the house of commons, parliamentary debates, legislation and to members of the house.

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When a malefic is placed, troubles can be seen in the parliament or illness or death may occur to leading parliamentarians. Planets in the Eleventh house SUN : Sun placed in eleventh house shows a dignified attitude, beneficial legislation, mostly affecting imperial interests and success in the work of parliament.

If afflicted it will bring indisposition and the deaths of members and troubles in parliament. MOON : Moon in eleventh house will not carry any importance in regular course, but if afflicted may show changes in the cabinet, disagreement among members, also sickness may cause to some of the leading lady parliamentarians.

MARS : Mars in the eleventh house will bring much trouble and irritation in parliamentary circles. Also it may cause illness or death to the members. Disputes and party splits may take place on account of matters concerning military, arms and ammunitions, war etc. Legislation affecting trade commerce and education. But if badly aspected it shows embittered discussions, personal recriminations, arguments and disputes.

JUPITER : Jupiter in eleventh house is always favourable it may influence on good democratic legislation, and improvement in trade, commerce and financial affairs. If afflicted if will bring religious and financial disputes, depreciation of Government securities and the Government may come under acute financial crisis. VENUS : Venus in the eleventh house is favourable for legislation, but it may affect lady parliamentarians on account of their personal affairs.

Some of the affairs may become public leading to marriage of public personalities, if afflicted it will show bereavements to members, unpleasant episodes and debates, also may create scandals in parliamentary circles. It brings many difficulties in the affairs of the country illness and death among members. Party splits or change in ministry can also be anticipated.

If badly afflicted, adverse conditions can be seen in the Government, which may even lead to the fall of ministry. Twelfth House The twelfth house has a special signification concerning prisons, hospitals, asylums, reformatories, charitable institutions, crime, criminals, spies, secret agents and foes. If malefics are occupying this house or if the house is very much afflicted than there will be increase in crime, burglaries and murders.

The amount of trouble is directly related to the amount of affliction. If the benefics are occupying this house, or the house is Unaffected and fully under the influence of benefic planets, then there will be benefits to the hospitals and institutions and decrease of crime generally. Planets in the Twelfth house SUN : Sun occupying the 12th house and if badly afflicted will cause trouble in work houses and similar institutions and disgrace to prominent officials and personalities of the country.

If well aspected it shows an improved state of affairs in the management of public institutions also chief officials or important personalities may gain honor from the public. MOON : Moon in the 12th house normally will not give any effect, but if the moon is very much afflicted, may bring scandals in public institutions, hospitals, charitable trusts.

Illness and crime against women and children may increase. MARS : Mars in 12th house is a very evil position denoting a great increase of crime, murders, violence and may also produce fires in public institutions, unruly behavior from chief officials etc are seen. If badly afflicted the evil effects will also increase considerably. MERCURY : Mercury in 12th house, if well aspected by benefics changes in constitution, legislative changes, alterations to commercial laws, etc can be seen.

If badly afflicted public scandals may increase, press and Media may attack the Government policies openly, also crime against children may increase. JUPITER : Jupiter in the 12th house is a favourable position for public institutions, and will bring many benefits, increased subscriptions, donations etc. If afflicted it points to heavy expenses, losses, and troubles to chief officials of public institutions.

VENUS : Venus in the 12th house shows many benefits to public institutions, increase in donations and benefits. Their financial position will have a good appreciation from the public. If afflicted it may produce scandals waste of public money, also crime against women and children may increase. Because normally it denotes crime and scandals in public institutions involving top Government officials and parliamentarians, loss to public property etc.

We are concluding herewith the effects of planets in 11th and 12th houses. We shall discuss certain vital points on Judging a mundane map in our next issue. Soon they attain a particular stage in their education. It is the ignorance of the parents, guardians and the teachers who contribute considerably to the miserable failures of careers of the children. We have often come across people, whose lives are a failure just because they chose an unsuitable vocations. Astrology can guide a grown up man who is still undecided about the occupation in his life.

If a study of astrological principles is taken up seriously, a more valuable guidance can be given to an individual as to what vocation would be suitable for him to achieve success. Required level of accuracy in prediction of this subject is still awaited as it needs to be strengthened with more research. I shall endeavour to show in this article how far astrology enables one to choose a successful vocation consistent with his aptitude. The important considerations are. According to Jaimini the planet with highest longitude becomes the Atmakaraka.

The sign in which the Atmakaraka is situated in the Navmansha becomes the Karakamsha. Association of various planets with Atmakaraka either in the Rashi or Navmansha, we can get a clue for the vocation of the native. Here are some of the astrological combinations of planets, which shall give a glimpse of the profession of the Native. SUN : Sun is responsible to give more power, ability to rule and command, will make the native to gain fitness for a Government employment, or a high profile business executive with status and dignity. To begin with, consider Karakamsha chart as a pivotal point.

A planet in Karakamsha becomes the key planet. The dominant planet having been thus discovered notice must be taken of the blend, it makes with other planets, which is aspected, or with the sign in which it is placed etc. In considering the blends care must be taken to note which is stronger of the influences blended.

Moon is responsible for fluctuations in occupation or business, but encourages the native for business in aqua products, Marine produces, Liquid chemicals, Restaurant, Dairy products etc. Usually Jupiter gives the profession of physicians, lawyers, ministers, bankers, authors, journalists, philosophers etc.

VENUS : Venus is responsible to gain financial assistance through marital sources, jewellery pleasure and luxury. Mars denotes employment in the field where courage is required and a need to be skillful, brave. Dentists, Surgeons, Engineers are also part of this group. Saturn is responsible to the professions, such as builders, miners, land surveyors, agriculturists, labour contractors, municipal officials etc. Indirectly Rahu will give results like Saturn but some of the combination indicates different professions also.

NOTE : Combination of planets will give more than one activity with relation to the occupation of the respective planet. Apart from above there are other Methods are also available as indicated by different schools of Astrology. In the matter of determining the profession, importance has been given to the Ascendant, 10th and 8th houses either from ascendant or Moon and the planets occupying these houses, lordship of these houses can also be taken in to consideration.

In this article only a glimpse on determination of profession has been taken, to give a general idea of the subject with the help of karakamsha and r Navamsha etc. Here Jaimini enumerates the impact of various planets in the Karakamsha lagna and in the various houses from karakamsha lagna. In this part of article we have knowingly used translated words of Neelkantha and Krishan Mishra instead of original Jaimini sutras.

Planets in the Karakamsha Lagna. Here the word doctor relates to anybody engaged in healing the patients. Note: Sage has not given any reason but experience shows in case Moon and Venus both are influenced by malefics in that case too it is possible that one may suffer from the disease. Further this Moon is conjoined by Mars and Rahu one will suffer from tuberculosis. Note: In whole of Jaimini astrology sage has not considered Sagittarius a benefic sign. This can be the only reason he has dealt it so harshly.

When Cancer rises as Karakamsha lagna which is a watery sign, Cancer rules over chest and lungs and by the placement of Moon, a watery planet, and when both the sign and Moon are afflicted by fiery planet Mars and Rahu, who are capable of giving a long lasting disease, one may suffer from a disease like tuberculosis. Astro Learning Note: Here the sage has emphasized the occupation of Karakamsha lagna by Mars only for causing the superficial skin related diseases but sage is silent about aspect of Mars on Karakamsha lagna.

In our opinion due consideration should be given to Mars's aspect on Karakamsha lagna. Since Mars is most malefic and is a fiery planet it is capable of giving this type of disease. Lagna and every planet is shown in the natal chart with their longitudes. But being supreme planet this did not give any disease as indicated by Mars being in Sagittarius hence Atmakaraka proved to be a savior. Thus rule No. If Ketu happens to occupy or aspect the Karakamsha lagna, two types of predictions can be made. NOTE: In these Sutras sage has commented about the influence of various planets on the Karakamsha lagna hence a big question arises here.

Karakamsha lagna is one which contains the supreme planet viz. Atmakaraka hence it can be deduced that the above rules should also be applied with reference to Karakamsha lagna in the natal chart. In that case mark the Karakamsha lagna in natal chart and note the influence of various planets on Karakamsha lagna. If Rahu and Gulika happen to occupy the Karakamsha lagna native is troubled by poison due to bites of poisonous reptiles or native may be administrated poison by others.

Planets in the Second House from Karakamsha Lagna While dealing the impact of planets on the 2nd house of Karakamsha lagna we have again taken Hkk"kk Translation only. Here we have used 1st sutra only to explain the Katpayadi value as advocated by Jaimini. When the Sun be placed or aspecting the 2nd house from Karakamsha lagna the native is engaged in public service. Here public service means that the native will be in government job, a political worker or a politician.

Sage lays down a condition here that the Sun while influencing the 2nd house of Karakamsha lagna should be strong by being in its own sign or sign of exaltation. The influence of a powerful Sun can make the influence of native even a minister. In case the Sun's influence is weak, the native will be low class government employee and in case weak Sun is further afflicted one may get defeated in the election.

Note: Being a natural rajya kripa karaka strong Sun is capable of lifting the native to a very high position, whereas the impact of a weak Sun is not appreciated by the sage in the 2nd house from Karakamsha lagna. Native will be blessed with all types of comforts. The quantum of comforts and luxuries depends upon the strength of the Moon and Venus. Here again he suggests different types of predictions depending upon the longitude of Mercury.

Astro Learning Venus influencing the 2nd house of Karakamsha lagna and if Venus is powerful in the chart, native will be a government or political official. He is very passionate and lascivious and will be virile till the age of hundred years. In case Ketu is under the influence of Mars and Saturn native will be a notorious thief, which means he can be a smuggler or a gangster etc. Note: Since Venus is significator of beauty, passion, luxuries and virility hence a strong Venus in the 2nd house to Karakamsha lagna provides all these qualities to the native.

As the sage has said that one remains virile till hundred years is a symbolic quality of Venus and one should not apply this verbatim. The crux of this saying is that a strong Venus keeps one young till a long period of age. If Ketu be placed in the 2nd house of Karakamsha lagna and is being aspected by only malefics the ears of native will be cut off.

In case Ketu is influenced both by benefics and malefics native will suffer from some ear related disease. Note: This sutra is contrary to sutra No. If Saturn is posited in the 2nd house to Karakamsha lagna the native makes his : livelihood by performing yajnas. He adheres to ancient customs and traditions. Here sage is clear about the qualities of Saturn of making the native an ascetic or sanyasi.

If Ketu happens to occupy the 2nd house of Karakamsha lagna and is associated with or aspected by both Mercury and Saturn the native will be impotent. If Rahu be posited in the 2nd house of Karakamsha lagna , the native lives as a good warrior wielding bows and arrows but in modern times, bows and arrows should be replaced with guns, machineguns and modern war weapons. In case Rahu here is influenced by Saturn one becomes an expert medical man dealing with poisonous drugs and medicine. While stealing and dacoity can be replaced by smuggling, black-marketing etc.

In case Ketu be posited in 2nd house of Karakamsha lagna and is aspected by a powerful Venus the native performs yajnas. In our article on Argala it was mentioned that Ketu is capable of forming argala by using sutra foijhra dsrkS while about Rahu sage is very much critical. Regarding Rahu sage opines if a powerful benefic argala is present in the chart but Rahu also joins these argala forming planets "Rahu is a drop of poison in the pot of milk".

Since there is paucity of literature on Jaimini Astrology hence fellow astrologers and readers are requested to probe more and more on this system of astrology. Example : Harshad Mehta, Native was one of the greatest cheat of the century. Planets and the Third House from Karakamsha Lagna.

A benefic planet in the 3rd house from karakamsha lagna makes the native coward or timid. Rule No. Thus Scorpio is Karakamsha Lagna. A malefic planet in the 3rd house from karakamsha lagna makes the native a brave man. This rule is as good as it is in traditional astrology since third house mainly indicates courage hence a malefic planet in a malefic house makes a native courageous. Longitudes of lagna and that of all the planets have been shown in birth chart.

There can be two reasons for this, first like 3rd house the 6th house is also a bad house and secondly both 3rd and 6th houses are upachaya houses. In modern time a native having this type of configuration may. Note: keeping in view the importance of the karakamsha lagna we will take up the rest of houses in the next lesson.

Example : Adolf Hitler Page No. In the natal chart 3rd house from Karkamsha Lagna is having Rahu without any other malefic influence on it. Powerful influence of two first rate malefic planets on the 3rd house of Karkamsha Lagna made the native a fearless and most dreaded dictator of its time. Saturn posited there in. Further 3rd house from the Karkamsha Lagna is aspected by Mars. The 3rd house is aspected by exalted Saturn from the 2nd house of Navamsha Lagna while Mars aspects it from the 9th house of Navamsha lagna.

Example : Male Native. Pisces becomes Karkamsha Lagna.

Thus it has mixed influence of benefic planets that and malefic planets has given the mixed type of results viz. Politicians are public figures as they get pomp and power. Astrologically, politicians are blessed with nectar of the first house place of self strength , second house place of eloquence , third house place of prowess , fourth house place of faith of masses , fifth house place of analysis and logic , ninth house place of augmentation and auspiciousness and tenth house place of occupation and administration.

However, a person who is bestowed with the benefics of major houses of the horoscope, is sometimes victim of malefic houses, ie, 6, 8 and 12th. This is true - dominance of propitious houses lifts the native to dazzling heights of name, fame and prosperity but a little effect of the arrogance of these malefic houses calls the moment when everything suddenly, some how, changes to doom. A political assassination is such an example. Let us make an astrological probe into the matter.

The mechanical and biological strength of physical body of the native is represented by ascendant and its lord in the horoscope. Generally, ascendants of politicians are strong enough to bear various pressures, tensions and anxieties. Even then, if ascendant or its lord is hemmed in by malefics or related to 8th or 12th house or their lords, probability of assassination of the native emerges out. The ascendant lord and 8th lord both are not inimical to friendship.

The ascendant lord is influenced by two benefics - Jupiter and Venus. The destructive nature of the Mars and 8th house has been suppressed by a combined influence of three benefic planets - Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. The lord of the 8th house - Saturn is exalted in fifth house and is free from any influence of the malefic association or aspect.

Hindu astrology reveals 8th house as a place of death and hence considers the worst of all the three malefic houses - 6th, 8th and 12th. In fact, 8th house describes longevity and mode of the end of the life. Mantreshwar in Phaladeepika says - If the ascendant lord and 8th lord both are mutual friends, the native will be long lived.

Similar situation is created when the lord of the sign in which Moon is posited and the lord of the 8th house from the Moon sign are mutual friends. It is apparent in the chart of Morarji Desai. Ascendant lord Mercury and 8th lord Saturn both are not inimical to friendship. Also, the Sun lord of the sign where Moon is posited and the Jupiter lord of the 8th place from the Moon both are natural friends. If we look into the chart of Morarji Desai, ex Prime Minister of India, who enjoyed a long life of about 99 years and got a natural death, the ascendant lord Mercury along with 12th lord Venus and 6th lord Mars is posited in 8th house.

This is a crystal clear relation of ascendant lord with malefic houses. Is it a sign of assassination? No, because -. Possibility of such mis-happening increases as the affliction to the 8th place increases. As per astrologer's view 12th house is the most Morarji Desai It is the opinion that if there is no planet in the 12th house and its lord is posited in 3rd or 8th house or aspected by Saturn not by Mars or Rahu , the evil characteristics of this house get minimised and the horoscope gains some extra strength.

Saturn is distinguished from Mars and Rahu in the sense that while Saturn is a planet of delay, harassment and punishment, Mars and Rahu are planets of hurt, injury, arrogance, excitement, explosions and fire. Saturn ultimately bestows peace and progress to the native but Mars and Rahu lead to an awful situation. Thus the influence of the latter on 12 th house and its lord is not conduicive for peaceful life.

If there is influence of benefics on 6th house and its lord, the native gets rid of his enemies. Thus it is the affliction to the 12th house or its lord that stands for assassination. Astrologers know that benefic or malefic functions of planets not only depend upon their intrinsic nature but also on their lordship.

Although the latter shadowy planets denote poisoning, secret intrigues, sudden events, assassination etc but they do not function independently. If they occupy evil places or get associated with evil planets, their adverse effect is increased tremendously. However, Saturn if linked to fatal places is considered as a first grade killer. Whereas Mars, Saturn and RahuKetu are considered first grade malefics, the natural benefics - waxing Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus synchronize them if they get posited in 2nd or 7th houses or get lordship their of.

Both these houses are called fatal places as illustrated in Laghu Parashari-. The twelfth places from both 8th and 3rd are 7th and 2nd houses which act as killer of the native, the 7th being more fatal than the 2nd" It is observed that many politicians were assassinated when they were undergoing the period of fatal planets, ie, lords of 2nd or 7th houses.

If Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu get involved with 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th or 12th house or with their lord, the probability of assassination is increased. Chart of Mrs Indira Gandhi is strengthened by three exchanges of planets, of which the two are making good Rajyogas. These are - 1. Exchange of ascendant lord Moon with seventh lord Saturn. Exchange of second lord Sun with fifth and tenth lord - auspicious Mars. Exchange of sixth lord Jupiter with eleventh lord Venus. Although the ascendant is weakened by the influence of three first grade malefics hemmed by Mars and Ketu and occupied by 8th lord Saturn , yet its vitality is animated by the aspect of its own lord Moon which in turn is aspected by divine Jupiter.

This enabled Mrs Gandhi for hard decisions in crucial span of time. For Cancer ascendants the Saturn is animator as well as detrimental and fatal. Mrs Gandhi's political life was guided by the various aspects of Saturn, the major period of which was started from Dec.

See a Problem?

During the period of Saturn - Ketu she lost her power, dignity and modesty of her political life when she got defeated in the election Long life. One should not get immediate conclusion for the time of death of a person on the basis of the period of lord of 2nd or 7th house. It is worth while to know a broad spectrum of the age of the native by studying the nature of the sign that contains 1. Lords of 1st and 8th houses. Moon and Saturn 3.

Lagna and Hora lagna In the chart of Mrs. Gandhi the lords of 1st and 8th houses ie, Moon and Saturn occupy movable signs indicating long life. Since the ascendant is hemmed in between malefics, she might get more than middle age. In the chart of Rajiv Gandhi, ex Prime minister, the ascendant is weakened hemmed and aspected by three malefic planets, but it is augmented by the disposition of Moon in fixed and Saturn in dual sign as well as conglomeration.

It was Saturn-Rahu-Rahu a crucial period when she was assassinated at the age of 67 by her own body guard on Oct. In her chart Saturn being the lord of 7th house is fatal and Rahu - Ketu both are detrimental. Rahu occupies 6th house from the ascendant and its dispositer Jupiter occupies the 6th place from Rahu. In this way a cruel relationship among ascendant, sixth and eighth houses is responsible for her assassination. Moreover, the ascendant being vargottam gets some extra strength that conferred on him beauty, body and bravery. However, the lords of 1st and 8th house being in a fixed sign and malefic influence of Mars and Saturn on 8th house and its lord indicate his short life.

Since the ascendant is fortified by many benefics, the age might touch to middle. He was at the age of 47 when assassinated on May 21, in a bomb explosion by a female militant of LTTE in the period of Rahu - Mercury. Both these planets are inimical and venomous because Rahu is in the place of secret enemy, conspiracy and assassination while Mercury is fatal being the lord of second house.

The lord Moon of Rahu occupied sign in the ascendant, aspect of 6th lord Saturn on the ascendant and aspect of Mars on the 8th house show loss of life. In this way a cruel relationship among ascendant, second, sixth, eighth and twelfth houses is responsible for his assassination. It would have been in the period of Rahu - Saturn from Jan 87 to Nov 89 because Saturn also has sufficient fatal character. Mahatma Gandhi at the age of 79 was assassinated on Jan. There has been some ambiguity for his correct birth time and hence correct rising sign of ascendant whether it is Virgo or Libra.

I consider Virgo ascendant which is benevolent for long life near to 80 years because lords of 1st and 8th houses are in movable signs but Jupiter being lord of 7th house is fatal. Ketu posited in 5th house ie, 8th place from 10th house is sufficiently inimical after receiving the aspect of 8th lord Mars.

For Virgo ascendant, Mars being the owner of 3rd and 8th houses is full of fatal characteristics such as fire, injury, wound, accident, violence and destruction. So it vitiates the aspected planets. Such combination of these three planets drains away the comforts of the concerned house and hence in houses 1, 8, and.

We know that Mars - Rahu conjunction is synonym of a bomb or an explosion. An evil aspect of Saturn on Mars or vice versa creeps into sudden calamity. It is beyond doubt that in his chart Jupiter being lord of 2nd house is fatal but Saturn itself is not fatal. It is the Venus that being owner of 7th and 12 houses incepts the instincts of being a killer and instills its instincts by its direct aspect on Saturn. He stirred the public for socialist agitation by his revolutionary articles and speeches.

For such revolutionary activities he was arrested and got suffer imprisonment. In his chart the ascendant is beset by the aspect of errant, erratic, erroneous, agonist and revolutionary association of 3 planets - Moon-Mars-Saturn. It fascinated him to be a fascist who believed in fight for the progress of a country. So he had been an extreme socialist using extremism. In his view democracy and peace are just like a stagnant water of a pond and hence an inertia to the progress. However, conjunction of benevolent planets viz. Moon-Mars in 7th, Jupiter-Venus in 8th and SunMercury in 9th houses spread his popularity in masses as much that the king of Italy invited him to be sworn in as the head of the Govt.

In second word war he faced defeat everywhere. So he lost his faith in masses and became the victim of public rage. He tried to escape into Switzerland but he was arrested on 28 April , and, together with some members of his Fascist Cabinet was executed by partisans and ultimately got assassinated. This is noteworthy that Mars-Saturn conjunction like Mars-Rahu is violent for causing sudden calamity like dog-.

Research death and Jupiter being lord of 2nd or 7th house is highly fatal.

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Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of USA and one of the greatest American heroes was born in a poor family who earned his living by working on the river as a boatman, by splitting rails and acting as postmaster. With little formal education he had all the qualities of a good statesman.

His humour, eloquence, patience, courage, charity and kindness established him in masses who one day elected him as President. He attended a theatre on the night of April 14, where John Wilkes Booth, an actor shot him through the brain and on the morning of 15th he died. It was Saturn-Mercury period.

At first instance both these planets in his chart are not fatal like the lords of 2nd and 7th houses but they are influenced by them. It is well known that Mercury is a dependant planet that shows the characteristics of conjoined planet. In his chart Sun-Mercury duo occupy the ascendant.

Therefore, Mercury squeezes the intrinsic fatality of the 7th house through its lord Sun and becomes fatal indirectly. Simultaneously, Saturn as a lord of ascendant is a producer of life even then being a lord of 12th it is related to death. In Laghu-Parashari Saturn is considered as a master of death and becomes a first grade fatal planet among others. The third vitious planet is either Venus or Sun, neither is life saving because Venus being lord of 3rd has lost its auspiciousness and further it is posited in 7th house, a giver of death.

If we look at Sun, it is in an embarrassed state being occupying 6th and having aspect of fatal Saturn. As the conclusion, for politicians Saturn is a significant planet that in mundane astrology stands for destiny, misfortune, public and democracy. The authoritarian action and philanthropical behaviour of politicians are integral to public.

Although in its period Saturn induces the native to go to the high peak of power, position and prosperity yet it does not act to the rescue of the native who commit s mistake to be bereft of his duties and to attack the honour, integrity, sentiments, conscience and regalement of even a bit of the public. Therefore, as soon as the period of Saturn or any other as a fatal planet starts, the politician native can not get rid of the punishment of his misdeeds and hence he must take care of not only himself but of others otherwise he may lose r his life.

The three bullets caused internal damage to his body that eventually led to his death during Saturn-Moon-Venus or Sun period. According to sources although Pramod supported his siblings morally, socially and financially yet the two brothers were on bad terms for about two years as a consequence of sufferings of Pravin from ill-treatment, humiliation, frustration and inferiority complex of the feeling of a poor brother of a rich and powerful man Pramod.

Astrologically, for Leo ascendant Saturn being lord of 6th and 7th houses is a cruel fatal planet.

A large number of people went together on this journey abroad. There must be some astrological planetary combination or yoga responsible for this phenomenon. According to Astrology, planetary yoga planetary combinations for travel abroad is studied from 7th, 9th or 12th houses of the horoscope. In the main period or sub period of planets owning or occupying these houses there may be foreign tours.

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Even the transit of Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter from these houses facilitates forei gn tours. Most of the people were of Cancer, Leo or Libra ascendants. Persons of Pisces ascendant were only a few in number. Aries was the Moon sign of most of them. For Cancer Ascendant Saturn was in ascendant, Jupiter in 4th house and Rahu was in 9th house in transit.

For Leo ascendant Saturn was in 12th house in transit. For Moon in Aries, Rahu was in 12th house and Jupiter was in 7th house in transit. In the horoscopes of most of the people the Mahadasas Major Period of Rahu, Jupiter or Saturn were going on without any instance of Sun's major period. Most of the major period lords were the lords of 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th houses and were occupying 6th.

Rahu is the significator of foreign travel whereas Jupiter is that of Astrology and Saturn is that of Vedic knowledge. If a person is going through Rahu Mahadasa, it would enhance the possibilities of journey abroad because after this he would be going through the major periods of Jupiter and Saturn which would facilitate foreign journey. In most of the horoscopes, Sun was in 1st, 6th, 7th or 12th house, Moon was in 3rd and 8th, Mars was in 2nd and 5th, Mercury was in 1st, 5th, 6th, 9th, 12th, Jupiter was in 2nd and 10th, Saturn was in 2nd and 7th and Rahu was in 9th house. The placement of Sun, Mercury and Saturn in these different houses was showing larger difference than average which indicate that these three planets are chief significators of travel abroad.

Incidence of some planets in some particular signs was conspicious e. Majority of the Group had either Ashwani or Bharani as their birth constellation with none having Vishakha or Dhanistha. Sun and Mercury were found in Chitra constellation Nakshatra in most of the horoscopes. Saturn was in Jyeshta and Purvabhadrapada whereas Venus was in Ardra or Punarvasu constellation in most of the charts. Sun was in 8th or 10th house in Navamsha, Moon was in Pisces and was placed in 9th or 12th houses in most of the cases.

Mars was in the Navamsha of Libra in most of the charts whereas its placement in Taurus and Aries was minimum. Saturn in majority of cases was placed in 10th house in Aries Navamsha. In number of horoscopes, Ascendant Lord was in 6th house, 2nd lord was in 7th, 5th lord was in 6th, 9th lord was in 9th, 10th lord was in 6th, 9th and 10th whereas 12th lord was in 1st, 5th, 8th or 12th houses.

Ascendant lord was in Cancer, Leo and Virgo sign, 5th lord was in Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, 6th lord was in Scorpio, 7th lord was in Leo and Virgo,11th lord was in Cancer and Virgo whereas12th lord was in Cancer in most of the charts. The above mentioned statistics is quite at variance with the classical ethos. So, if research oriented studies are made, then predictions in astrology can defenitely be made nearer to accuracy. In the modern world many new courses and branches of knowledge have come out, making it difficult to choose out of many branches of knowledge with the help of 12 Rasis, 12 Bhavas and the 9 planets.

Our ancient saint like Parasara, either considered, that the Astrologers will be wise and logically well developed to make a judicious selection by permutation and combination of planets. Thus the new generation of astrologers are groping in darkness as to how to judge the horoscope to find the course of studies and the nature of profession. A study in a particular subject does not necessarily mean that he will take up a profession in the same line. There are many Doctors, Engineers who become a contractors, actors, politicians and dacoits.

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In other words many of them did not choose a profession suitable to their educational qualifications. Hence an astrological assessment of profession on the basis of study of planets in the 5th house may go wrong, without considering the 10th house. The course of study may be influenced by the ruling planets, in the life during the formative years i.

A qualified Doctor, by leaving his medical profession become a politician or an industrialist or an actor. An Engineer after 10 years of profession has become a Homeopathic Doctor, Ayurvedic Doctors have alternative medicine profession like magnetherphy, flower therphy and so on. Educational and profession deserves to be. The Dasa of a planet from 5th to 20th year i.

In the following example : Cancer is the lagna, 5th house is the Scorpio, and Aries is the 10th house. The 5th and Mo 5 4 the 10th house lord is 6 3 2 Mars posited in 5th Ra 7 house, associated 1 Ve A with Mercury the lord 8 of 3rd and 12th. This assessment may not lead to correct prediction with reference to education and profession, we have to take into consideration the modifications in view of Mars association with the Jupiter.

The Mercury is a mathematician, a literary man, chemist, and a philosopher. As a lord of 3rd house he should deal with many people, being lord of 12th, he should have spiritual mind, loss of opportunities. The Ketu is not lord of any house in association with Mars and Mercury he goes with live stock, forests, timber and bones. So, the choice of profession largely lies in the shoulder of Mars, who is lord of Education and Karma bhava.

Mars, Mercury and Jupiter posited in 5th house are in shadastaka with Moon the lord of 1st house. Review So, we can assume that the native will have technical education with a mixture of mathematics, literature, logic, chemicals food education, and teaching as per the qualities of Mercury and Jupiter. With this data, it becomes possible to fix the course of study, but to pin point we have to examine Dasa period from 5th to 20th year.

The balance of Dasa at Birth is around 5 years Rahu. So 5th to 20th year, Jupiter dasa will be in force. Jupiter, essentially a teacher. During this period the native will take Technical studies connected with the Mars and Mercury. Mars is technician, Mercury mathematician. During this period the native studied a technical course with tinge of educational system designing and architects. But from 20th onwards for 19 years the native will enter Saturn Dasa, posited in 6th house, associated with the lord of 2nd Sun.

This gives a Government Job involving certain changes induced by Saturn. Now during the sub-period the native is likely to be in a subordinate position. From 40th year Mercury Dasa being the lord of 3rd and 12th posited in 5th should give a position where certain elements of administration and pin pricks of comments or criticism are inevitable. The education can be decided from the planets. But the career ordained by 5th lord need not necessarily be the same. The professional choice will be influenced by the Dasa lords from 20th onwards.

The transition from Jupiter Dasa to Sani dasa will be quits sudden and unexpected with a change of all parameters. Saturn and Mercury they being friendly planets will not oppose each other ensuing continuity of profession in the same location or department with a change from servitude to official status power and financial gain. In this way though 5th house influences the course of study and the 10th house decides the course of career as to whether it should be technical course, subordinate position of administration position.

The certification of the 5th and 10th lords depend entirely on the Dasa lords and their lordship of houses. The 5th and 10th lords may not always give them a career in accordance with the education alone. For fixing the profession one has to study and aspects of the horoscope to foresee the changes in the life by combined assessment of 5th and 10th lords dasa and their lordships associations the r Bhavas. Health, Wealth, Career and Marriage are the major issues which are of concern to all of us.

Today we are living in a materialistic society, therefore, Wealth gets prime importance to everybody. For getting all comforts, we need money in abundance. There are various ways by which a person can acquire wealth. Some people are born with silver spoon in their mouth and they get all comforts by virtue of luck or Raj yogas in their horoscope.

Some people work hard, some use their intelligence, some resort to black marketing, smuggling and all sorts of illegal means to get wealth. The 2nd and 11th houses are mainly responsible for finance. Lagna, 9th and 5th houses also play important roles. Even 10th house, Jupiter and Moon are important for finance. The person is a pauper ever since his birth and lives by alms if the lords of the 2nd and 11th houses are placed in 6, 8 or 12 along with malefics. The association or affliction of 6th, 8th or 12 house destroy the ambitious effects of wealth or dampen the financial prospects.

The lord of 2nd with lord of 9th occupying the 11th with Moon and Jupiter will make a native a millionaire. Lord of Lagna in a decent position is itself a great asset which sustains a person throughout his life. The best place for Lagna Lord to occupy is the Lagna itself. Even strong Sun at a benefic place from the lord of Ascendent is a great asset. The 2nd house itself, lord and Jupiter represent accumulated wealth. The association of the 1st, its lord and the sun with the second and its lord increases the natives wealth through his own efforts. If the 9th, its lord and the significators Sun and Jupiter are related to them, wealth is.

According to the Bhavarth Ratnakar, the native is rendered poor if the 2nd lord occupy the 12th and 12th lord is placed in the Lagna aspected by a Marak or a malefic planet. The 11th and its lord along with Jupiter must be strong to generate wealth. According to the Sarvartha Chintamani, if a benefic occupy 11th house, the native gets wealth through honest and novel means.

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Some unexpected changes are made now that should improve your surroundings. The misunderstanding makes the pair to have serious problems like fight. Rajesh Vashisht. Becoming more inwardly focused, you might run into some things that get in the way of being productive. I was interested in astrology since my university days. You will be more introspective and feel less put together in general, more easily frazzled.

If the malefic is in the 11th house, the native resorts to unfair and unscrupulous methods of earning. The source of gains and incomes can be known through the nature of the planet from the Bhavas related to the 11th, its lord and its significators. For example 7th lord and its Karak Venus associated with 11th may help the native to gain through the spouse.

The 9th house represents fortunes and, therefore, if the 9th house, its lord, Sun and Jupiter are strong and associated with good houses, planets, luck favours the native with financial prosperity. When the 9th lord is placed in the 1st house of Lagna lord is in 9th house, the native is a self made person. The 10th house is to be examined regarding native's professional and financial opportunities as it rules livelihood.

If the 10th house and its lord and the significators Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are strong, the native occupy a respectable occupation which helps in improving the financial status. There are a large number of Yogas which have been described in the various Astrological texts. Even the Panch maha Purush Yogas bestow special characteristic. Some important combination for wealth : 1. Lord or 10th house occupying 5th house will prove a great asset for a native bestowing. Review abundant wealth which will never leave him. Laxmi Yogas : If lord of Lagna is powerful and lord of 9th house occupies own or exaltation position in Kendra or Trikona.

One who has strong Sun in Horoscope can never be mean, vicious, criminal or untrustworthy. Therefore, he can not adopt wrong means for livelihood. Good indications are obtained from the Hora Chart regarding the flow of wealth in a particular Dasha period. During operational period of planets placed in a Hora of Sun, person has to make efforts to earn and accumulate wealth.

During the period of planets placed in the Hora of Moon earning and accumulation come naturally without must efforts. In the Navamamsa Chart, Vargottam planets play very important role and according to the Astrological texts they cause Raj Yoga and bestow very good results. If Lagna, the lord and Sun are weak or afflicted and also have the association with Rahu or a malefic, the very foundation of Horoscope is deeply shaken, The native suffers setbacks in his financial matters owing to wrong decisions.

In Dasamamsa Chart, Lagna assumes a tremendous significance. If Lagna is aspected by benefic it becomes strong and in that case it may be presumed that the career of the native stands on a good foundation. Other important factors which are to be examined for wealth are ; 1.

Paya 2.

Rashmi Kiran 3. Divisional Chart Hora, Navamasa and Dasamamsa. If powerful Sun is posited in upachaya houses aspected by the Jupiter, native is likely to get recognition and eminence in his career. Planets in 10th house in Dasamamsa Chart during the ruling period better the prospects of once career.

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The period of planets in kendra in Dasamamsa r will be a milestone in one's career. However, the way it is done now hardly serves any useful purpose. In the midst of a large unfamiliar gathering the girl naturally shrouds herself behind the veil of modesty which makes it impossible to judge her personality, except getting some idea about her looks and voice during exchange of a few sentences.

Astrological works provide an elaborate guidance in this regard. Highlighting the importance of desirable features of the girl, the author states:. Therefore, the wise should marry a girl having lucky features. The woman whose forehead is long will be sterile and bring dishonour to her family. The woman whose eyes are honey coloured will be wealthy, will always be happy with her husband and have the happiness of sons.

If her eyes are roundish she will be a whore. If her eyes are like that of a she goat or of a buffalo she will have ill fortune. The woman whose eyes are deep like the hole made by birds to live in it, she will be extremely wicked. A woman with red-coloured eyes will be killer of her husband. The woman whose eyelids are soft, black and thick and have short shape, she is very fortunate. She is respected by the people and is dear to her husband. The woman whose eyebrows are bent is also not lucky.

Long, roundish or circular ears are auspicious. But thin ears with veins on them and broad ears are inauspicious. When nose of a woman having beautiful eyebrows has small holes, which are even and circular, it is a lucky sign. If the forepart of the nose is fat and thick and is deep in the middle, then it is inauspicious. But if that mole assumes the shape of the wing of a black bee or that of new clouds, that woman will kill her husband and will become a whore.

If it is flat she will be a maid servant. If it is very long, that woman will be quarrelsome and will have love for fighting. If these are of black colour, it indicates widowhood. If the teeth of a girl are alike both in the upper and lower jaw, small, bright like milk, and are thirty two, then she is always fortunate. If her teeth are short and have space between them, she will be a whore.

If it has many soft hair on it, is curved, short and very fat, it is inauspicious and causes poverty and unhappiness. But if it is the reverse, then it is inauspicious. If it is red coloured, she becomes a maid servant. If it is fat and broad she becomes a widow, and if it is short she is very poor. If she has short shoulders she gets happiness in life. If her shoulders are strong she always remains under the grip of love and sex.

The woman whose shoulders are fat is also proud. The latter section offers very beneficial information about flawless and swift services of this highly reliable and best astrologer in bareilly jabalpur , for the purpose of the best possible convenience and effectiveness to the visitors. His abundant disciplinary knowledge and service-experience, and many dignifying recognitions and awards have also been augmenting his global repute and popularity.

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