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The moment the power of the people resulted in the downfall of a military ruler. The similarities in events between and now are mirrored in the transits, There is still a military government, and there are still rioting students protesting for democracy. The 14 May New Moon conjunct chart Moon, which represents the public, more people on the streets in support.

Pluto is now opposite the chart Saturn, the government. These transits support what David Crook found using his methods.

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More unrest to come, and the Eclipses aspecting the Saturn and IC do suggest some sort of climax ahead. The chart itself has three connected Yod Aspect patterns.

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But if you have children and friends, they could bother you with many little things, not serious though. Luck: Gemini doesn't have much luck. Romance and social activity will be a promising combination. I have lived in Chiang Mai sense Your great intuitiveness is perhaps the strongest of any in the signs of the zodiac. You may be emotionally unstable if you let someone you care about get away with verbal abuse.

One points Mars at the apex, violence, military, rioting. Another Yod point to the Venus Neptune conjunction, dreams of peace and harmony. Saturn in mundane astrology is the system of government, and it is conservative. The sextile between Mars and Saturn is the government and the military working together, bearing down on those Venus Neptune dreams for peace.

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Saturn the government is feeling the most pressure from the enforcer Pluto in transit, wanting to breakdown old structures. Jupiter is social justice, working with Venus Neptune hopes for peace. The constitutional Monarchy, 24 June shows nothing interesting regarding transits. The Constitution of Thailand also shows nothing of interest. The junta also ran a successful promotion campaign leading up to the referendum.

There are very few if any students involved in the current riots.

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I have lived in Chiang Mai sense Thailand does have a militarily controlled government with puppets actually running the day to day operations of the lucrative government portfolios. I was in the middle of two large Red shirt gatherings in Chiang Mai in the past two years. I saw mostly middle age people in their group.

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Most were dark skinned indigenous Thais from the country, with few University aged people present. The students of the earlier democracy movement in the s had a higher percentage of Chinese Thai students from Bangkok. Ian, it was a military coup that ousted the elected civilian government of Thailand in The constitution was drafted by the military.

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The present government is there only with the blessing of the military. Like: drink watermelon cocktails , eat ice cream sandwiches , and travel the world. Want to see your horoscope from last month to see if resident horoscope adviser Sean was on the money?

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Check out your May horoscope here. Passion and energy will take you by surprise, reminding you to take it easy on the cold brew next time. Everything is aligned for you to be productive today. Darren wants to get brunch? He went right at the last intersection.


Why did Game of Thrones have to end that way? Resist the tendency to avoid conflict today.

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We know.