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Technically, Jupiter should preside over some monster trade deals, however, this same influence can inspire trade wars, and we can already see this potential developing between the US and China.

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And regardless how Great Britain and Europe end their relationship, trade will suffer in the wake of it. Since August a series of eclipses has occurred in Leo or Aquarius, which is why, if you belong to these two signs you have had such an up and down time of it.

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This eclipse series has a distinctly royal aura to it, especially regarding the British Crown, being in play during the toppling of the English monarchy in But with one eclipse yet to come 21 January there could be much, much more to the royal story before the end of In a nutshell, is a year to make the most of everything we have and everything that comes to us. It is also a year that we should liken to autumn: a beautiful season but one that precedes winter; and in keeping with nature, we should store our resources in preparation for a lean and mean period.

You will be closing chapters and opening new ones. Not only is Saturn helping you to become a more substantial figure, to acquire gravitas, and Pluto to eliminate obstacles to your progress, but three eclipses bring an element of fate and destiny into the mix.

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For many Capricorns life-changes begin in early January: a decision about a relationship for some, career and home moves in the pipeline for others. And July is another month of major developments. Capricorn likes to take its time, but sometimes this translates as clinging on for far too long.

By December, you want as much as possible signed and sealed, done and dusted. The meaning of an eclipse is most often delivered to us by a person. Put another way, other people become the agents of change for us. Their presence in our lives and their actions take us into new territory. Someone you meet around New Year or in July will be a game-changer; likewise, the most important romantic events will tend to occur at these same times. There is a similar unexpected aura to most of July, but especially on or near the 16th, and while a grande passion might well be ignited then, a relationship in trouble could reach breaking point.

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Keep remembering is a watershed year because what comes to an end is paving the way for a future you could not imagine. You can get places with Saturn but hardly ever in one easy step. Your attitude for one thing. In many cases the worst has happened, and, guess what, you survived, so there is a more care-free Cappy on display. Invest in your skills but be very careful playing the property market.

No matter how safe your job or how unprepared you may be to go it alone, having another means of income could come in more than handy. Think lightly. The lighter you are the easier things will be. And the sooner that light at the end of the tunnel will appear. Drop the baggage, Capricorn! You may be surprised at who welcomes you into the fold and gives you a hand, and you may also discover the satisfaction and joy of helping someone in need.

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No romance no money keep calm no feel be patient. Note: Read the sections for both your Sun Sign and Ascendant for a better picture of what lies ahead for the day. Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope. Capricorn Love Horoscope. Your September Monthly Horoscope. Since this is your tech zone, single Sea Goats might have better-than-usual luck with your right swipes.

Forecast Capricorn. The Week Ahead for Capricorn. Monday, 7 October — Sunday, 13 October. The Month Ahead for Capricorn.

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October Fantasy and delight with friends or associates fill the atmosphere as the week begins for the single Goat. You will be the centre of attention, with the Moon in intense Scorpio and ardent Mars exercising the earthy passions of Virgo. Good fortune could come your way, big time. Step back in the midweek and take time to reflect. Sexy fantasies about a friend or associate will flow, thanks to Mercury in Scorpio and a secret romance might occupy your thoughts and feelings.

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Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscopes offer insight into romance, dating, relationships, and compatibility for the next week. October 05, to October 11, Free Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope. Also provided free Capricorn love, career, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily.

Is this only a dream? Explore your fantasies on Friday as Mars bursts onto your midheaven. Activities involving superiors or authority figures are stimulated. Perhaps a quick feel behind the filing cabinet? You may either do a lot of extra work with your boss, or for the government, or those with similar authority.

It could be wonderful. The weekend will find you excited, sexy and restless, thanks to the Moon in Capricorn. The Moon in Scorpio boosts your wellbeing early in the week. Share your feelings and fantasies with your love, who will be ready to fulfil them! The inner world calls you, midweek. Creative or spiritual concerns will feature. You may need extra rest or time to reflect.

Your love may be too busy to notice, so step up to the plate on Friday, as Warrior Mars hits stylish Libra. Important actions under this transit will affect your future. Work hard to get attention from the public and those with power and influence and your efforts will gain public attention one way or another. Get ready for surprises on the weekend.

You mood will lift, and your love will notice. Arrangements will alter.

Love will be the focus for both of you. Sexy action or active opposition will test your mettle as demands and responsibilities drain your energy or push you on. Take on what you can and negotiate time elsewhere. Communications dance in the light of the earthy Virgo Moon, opening doors or closing them as you revise your plans thanks to changes in the big picture. A seductive foreigner or cultured type will pursue. Are you ready for love? Put your worries aside and have a steamy night with your loved one, applying innovative techniques for the horizontal entertainment of the night.

You can always sort the bank manager in the morning, as the midweek is all about finances. And passion. Thursday and Friday are open to a dose of cultural uplift, as spiritual, travel and political matters intervene. And foreign affairs.